An Urgent Message from the Constitution Party National Chairman

Editors’ Note: The majority of the editorial team at The Paleo-Poplist are supporting Donald Trump, but we retain some sympathy for the Constitution Party. Also, it is not our intent to post blatant fund raising appeals, but we are posting this because it has important information about the Constitution Party’s ballot access status.

Dear Patriots:

Other than working to qualify Darrell Castle and Scott Bradley for write-in status in some states, the effort to gain ballot access for the party is behind us.  At this juncture we are on the ballot in 24 states  and hope to have write-in status in all but Massachusetts, North Carolina and Oklahoma.

Our next step is to spread the word of our candidates as rapidly as we can to as many people as possible using every medium of communication that we have available to us. To this end the national party has printed 15,000 Castle tri-fold  flyers with a Scott Bradley insert.  The Bradley insert will need to be manually inserted into the Castle tri-fold, but was a cost savings from having the printer do that. We will print thousands more as the funds are received to do so. 

This past week we have distributed nearly 3,000 of the 15,000 to people in Louisiana, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho.  The brochures have been very well received and are of very high quality.

May I suggest that you use the following  strategy:

  1. Personally hand the flyer to your like-minded family, friends or neighbors and ask them to read the brochure. This simple approach will not only greatly increase the odds that the recipient will read the literature, but it also greatly increases the chances that the recipient will then share the brochure with someone else.
  2. Follow up with the people a day or so later to see if they have in fact read the brochures.  If they have, ask them if they would be willing to share it with others.  If they say yes, then give them a few more and ask if they would be willing to make a donation to the party so that more can be printed.
  3. Some people will be willing to donate funds for the printing of more brochures. Others who may not be in a position to donate, would be willing to share the brochures with others.  Each person has their own particular gifts and we need to put those gifts to good use.

The brochures cost us 13 cents for a set of the tri-fold and the Bradley insert. If you are in a position to donate $13.00 for a hundred brochures, that would be most appreciated.  If you are able to donate $26.00, $39.00, $52.00 or more for additional hundreds that will help us get the message out to that many more people. When donating, please select “Literature” when prompted “How Should We Attribute Your Donation?”   

In sending in your donation, please specify that if is for literature and let us know if you would like to have them sent to you directly  If we do not get specific instructions with your donation, we will assume that the brochures can be sent to someone who is willing to get them out, but who is not in a position to donate funds.

Networking together in this manner, we can have a tremendous impact on this election. We need to use every means available to us. Getting our candidates on the ballot was a huge undertaking, but getting our message out to the public is an even greater task and one that is critical if we are to build the party. Each of us needs to do what we are able to.  Nearly seventy percent of our donations are coming from first-time donors.  These brochures shared with friends and families are sure to increase interest and continue to generate more donations.

Forward this message on to all of your CP contacts and encourage them to become involved in this campaign.  Let’s not miss out on this effective and cost efficient means of communication.  If we will all do our part between now and November 8th, we could receive a record-breaking number of votes for our presidential ticket! Let’s all do our best to set new records for our party.

Send your donations to the address below, with the notation “Literature”:

The Constitution Party
PO Box 1782
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17608

You may also go to our national website and donate online.

Again my sincere thanks to each of you for your generous dedication both in time and in donations.

Your National Chairman,

Frank Fluckiger

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