Donald Trump, Peace Candidate

Post by Dan Phillips

I would like to draw your attention to this article by William Lind. It is well worth reading. I wouldn’t go as far as calling Trump a non-interventionist. I consider him more of a Jacksonian, but that he is much less likely to plunge us into a foolish full scale war is clear. NeverTrumpers who are wailing about Trump’s open mic comments, do you really want to risk a disastrous war with Russia over them?

“In what may seem an odd role-reversal, in this election the Democrat is the war hawk and the Republican is the peace candidate. Donald Trump has laid out his vision for a non-interventionist foreign policy, while Hillary Clinton believes in “humanitarian intervention”, i.e., making war for peace. Trump has rightly called George W. Bush’s Iraq war a disaster, while Clinton still defends the intervention in Libya that destroyed the Libyan state.

In fact, this represents a return to historic patterns.”

Read the rest at Traditional Right…

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