Tough Competition: Who Wins?

Editors’ Note: We have been a bit delinquent in cleaning out our inbox lately. We will be posting a few that have been submitted but that we have so far neglected to post. We welcome Roderick Beaman. This is his first submission to us, but he should be known to many of our readers because Dr. Beaman has had a presence on the internet for many years including at the old EtherZone site.

By Roderick Beaman, DO

The twentieth century was the bloodiest in history.  About 100 million people met their deaths in wars and 150 million were killed by their own governments.  A quarter of a billion people met their deaths before their times.  
The Black Book of Communism, by Stephane Courtois et al, ascribes about 21 million to German National Socialism and 20 million to Soviet Socialism (a figure that I, and many others, find low, thinking 30 to 50 million as more likely.)  Chinese revolutionary socialism or communism, accounted for at least 67 million.  The remaining millions include Cuban communism, Chile under Augusto Pinochet and others around the world, most of them under communism. 
Much has been made over the years of the horrors under German National Socialism but by absolute or relative measure, it comes in second in the butchery sweepstakes.  In relative terms, nothing can approach Cambodia where anywhere up to 2 & 3/4 million people out of a population of 8 million met their deaths, directly & indirectly, under Pot Pot.  Prior to that, Cambodians were considered among the gentlest people on earth.   

The most frequent denominator was socialism, which included the fascism of Benito Mussolini, a variant of socialism which emphasized partnerships between government and business, as Marx outlined in his Manifesto; 7. Extension of factories and instruments of production owned by the state… 8. Equal obligation of all to work. Establishment of industrial armies,…, especially for agriculture.  9. Combination of agriculture with manufacturing industries…  The common factor was an omnipotent government. 
 In all of these countries, the people knew what was going on and often the world did too. Most sat by and did nothing.  After World War II, both Japanese and German leaders were brought before international tribunals for crimes against humanity and waging wars of aggression.  Many were hanged, some given long sentences and a few found not guilty.  There has been no expiation for the others.  Many offenders, certainly in all the former Soviet Republics and their satellites, China, Cambodia, Viet-Nam, etc. are still alive.
I have read that the tribunal at Nuremberg did not prosecute anyone below the rank of captain which in turn raises a big question.  At what point do we begin holding ordinary people responsible for the brutality of a nation’s leaders?  There are no easy answers.
In National Socialist Germany, people had to know what was going on.  Just the deportations to Auschwitz required the assistance of many ordinary Germans.  There were local police, bus drivers, engineers, conductors, just to name a few.  There were millions of people who suddenly were missing.   
The same thing applies to the Gulag & The Killing Fields and the others.  Millions of people acquiesced as the horrors went on & they knew what was going on.             
Americans think we are above that, yet what are we doing about another atrocity unfolding in our midst?  There have been approximately 56 million abortions done in this country since Roe vs. Wade.  That figure approaches the 67 million
killed by Mao Zedong’s various campaigns to bring communism to China and purge it of any remnants of perceived counter-revolutionism.  What are we doing?
When the doors on those buses & trains with their human carloads were slammed shut in Germany and the Soviet Republics, what could or should have the ordinary citizen done?  Would shooting the guards have been justified & possible?
Today, Americans walk & drive right past those abortuaria that populate every medium and large city.  Do you avert your eyes or simply pretend they’re not there?  When and what type of action is justified? 
We can not claim that we don’t know what is happening inside them.  They advertise their ‘services.’  We have acquiesced just like the people of Germany, theSoviet Republics, China, Cambodia, etc.      
 We can not claim that the courts decided it.  The courts, like the rest of government, depend on the consent of us, the governed, as Thomas Jefferson said in The Declaration of Independence.  Roe vs. Wade appalled even some constitutional scholars who supported legalized abortion, including one Harvard law professor.   
Forty two times since that infamous decision we have voted for senators, representatives and presidents & forty two times we’ve elected people who have acquiesced in the decision.  This is the first time we’ve elected someone who promises to try to do something about it. Why have we not demanded something before this?  We can’t let ourselves off the hook!
Article II, Section 2 of The Constitution says this: “The judicial Power shall extend to all Cases, in Law and Equity, arising under this Constitution,…, with such Exceptions, and under such Regulations as the Congress shall make.”  (Italics mine.)  It is entirely within the right of The Congress to pass a law to block the courts from purview over this matter.  We could have long since demanded of our representatives to confer constitutional protection to the unborn and exempted it from court authority!  Such actions have ample precedent, having been done throughout the nineteenth century.              
We just narrowly defeated for president a woman who supports abortion rights, up to and including labor.  Have you, dear reader, ever seen the macerated heads, avulsed faces and torn limbs of late term abortion, a procedure that would have made Josef Mengele proud?  Has she? 
Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that it’s important to remember that everything Adolf Hitler did was legal.  These ‘services’ are all legal.   
The final point for all to ponder is the ostensible conversation between God and an antagonist.
Antagonist: “If you’re so merciful & kind, why haven’t you given us the people to cure cancer?”
God: “Oh, I did but they were aborted thirty years ago.”

Dr. Roderick T. Beaman is New York City born & raised.  He is an osteopathic family physician & lives & practices in Jacksonville, Florida.  He has four children and three grandchildren.  He is oriented to natural healing using diet, supplements and osteopathic manipulations.  He swims for physical fitness and enjoys writing and music.  He is a published poet and has composed several songs.

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