Constitution Party Presidential Vote Totals: 2012 vs. 2016

By Dan Phillips

Here is a link comparing the vote totals for Darrell Castle this cycle vs. Virgil Goode in 2012. Some write-ins votes are yet to be reported, but so far Castle has 194,685 compared to 122,207 for Goode in 2012. The link is from a letter from Constitution Party Chairman Frank Fluckiger which I will post separately.

Castle improved on Goode’s vote total significantly. The question could be whether Castle underperformed given the unique circumstances of this election. My hunch is that Castle did about as well as he could have. The “unique circumstances” of this election potentially cut both for and against the CP with their potential audience. I am currently writing up an assessment of how the CP did, which I’ll post when I’m done.

Originally published at Independent Political Report.

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