Steak and Ketchup: Trump is Keepin’ it Real

This article was originally published 2 Mar 17 at Lew Rockwell.

It must have been a slow news weekend for the liberal media, and President Trump didn’t give them enough to get hysterical about, so they decide in mass to feign outrage about how he eats his steaks. Apparently, Trump likes his steaks well-done and eats them with ketchup. Look, I’m not a fan of well-done steaks and the idea of putting ketchup on a fine steak horrifies me. If I had to guess, my hunch is that Trump’s penchant for well-done steaks is likely related to his well-documented fear of germs and his desire to not see any blood, rather than his palate. The ketchup thing I can’t speak to. Maybe it’s to flavor up a burnt steak.

That said, the level of vitriol and posturing associated with this revelation about Trump’s eating habits lacks all sense of proportion. It’s alright to feign outrage in an obviously humorous way about such matters. A social media friend, for example, exclaimed that real men don’t eat their steaks well-done, a sentiment I generally concur with, but a lot of the reaction has not been intended as humorous. Check out these bitter invective-filled rants from A.V. Club and Jezebel for example.

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1 Response to Steak and Ketchup: Trump is Keepin’ it Real

  1. I think the steak “stories” are to further the narrative that Trump has no taste, that he’s coarse, ill-mannered, a boor in his personal life. Doesn’t even know how to order a steak, or eat it “properly”.
    None of it determines whether or not he can make an effective president, but in a general sense it’s true. Trump’s an unrefined clod. So I wouldn’t want to be his bro. And I have no need to be.


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