Questioning What We Really Know about North Korea

News about North Korea’s alleged nuclear capabilities and an exchange of tough talk between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have dominated the headlines for the past couple of days, temporarily taking the focus off the Russian hacking ruse.

However, before America gets plunged into another war, a serious question needs to be asked. How do we (meaning us regular folks) know that North Korea even has a functioning nuclear warhead? Because our government said so and the mainstream media dutifully reported it? Didn’t the same entities tell us that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction? How did that work out?

Note that I don’t necessarily doubt that North Korea has detonated crude nukes. The seismic evidence seems to support this. The question is whether they have a functioning nuclear warhead capable of delivery by missile which is no small technical feat.

On 8 Aug it was reported by the Washington Post that, per the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), North Korea had successfully miniaturized a nuclear warhead small enough to fit inside its missiles. Today, the CIA and “other key U.S. intelligence agencies” confirmed the DIA assessment. How do we know this is true? Because a U.S. government intel agency said so? Because the liberal media reported it? But didn’t our Intelligence Community tell us that the Russians hacked the DNC emails? We now know that is almost certainly not true, and we also know that the FBI very likely knew it to be false at the time they reported it. Aren’t these same intel agencies currently engaged in a Deep State soft coup attempt, eagerly abetted by the liberal media, against Trump largely because he promised a change in direction on foreign policy, thereby threatening the justification for our massive Warfare/Security state?

If you don’t believe the claims from the same entities that Russia hacked the election, as many who might potentially support an attack on North Korea don’t, why do you believe the claims about North Korea’s nukes? Why do you now suddenly believe the #FakeNews liberal Washington Post? Why is blatantly anti-Trump NBC now credible? Think about it before you get behind another war.

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