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Words Have Meanings so Stop Using Treason

In the wake of the revelations about Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer, the already unhinged promoters of the RussiaGate ruse are amping their rhetoric up even further, if that is even possible. I am frequently seeing the … Continue reading

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Judicial Independence in the Government of the People

By Christopher Mark The most critical form of judicial independence, that is the independence to decide the law in a fair and impartial way even in favor of unpopular parties (like accused criminals), is rarely defended in popular media. But, … Continue reading

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I’ll Support Cruz for the Supreme Court Under One Condition (Expanded Version)

Note: I expanded my post below into a full article. By Dan Phillips There has been a lot of chatter that President Elect Donald Trump may be considering Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for the Supreme Court to fill the vacancy … Continue reading

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