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Questioning What We Really Know about North Korea

News about North Korea’s alleged nuclear capabilities and an exchange of tough talk between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have dominated the headlines for the past couple of days, temporarily taking the focus off the Russian hacking … Continue reading

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Russia is not Our Enemy

The Twitterverse and the rest of social media are abuzz with hysteria about Russia in light of the recent revelations regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian national who claimed to be in possession of some incriminating information about … Continue reading

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Is America First Jacksonianism the Path to Non-Intervention?

I am currently in the process of writing a primer of sorts on the fundamentals of a non-interventionist foreign policy. Because non-interventionism has so few spokesmen and such little institutional support, I think it is important to clearly articulate what … Continue reading

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Anti-Trump Hysterics Hack Their Credibility

The memo obviously went out among the sources of Elite opinion that they should accuse the Russians of “hacking” the election. The coordination of the message, and the message rather than the news is exactly what it is, cannot be … Continue reading

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The TAC Presidential Symposium – It’s a Muddled Mess

I recently wrote an article suggesting that The American Conservative (TAC) magazine, for better or worse the closest thing to a policy journal paleoconservatism has, should be more visibly on board the Trump Train. I realize that TAC is a … Continue reading

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It’s Past Time for TAC to Get on Board the Trump Train

By Dan Phillips Rare recently published this article by Daniel McCarthy, Editor of The American Conservative (TAC) magazine. It is a thoughtful defense of a vote for Trump that I largely agree with. I will not say I’m completely surprised. … Continue reading

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Intellectuals for Trump

Yours truly is on the list. Reprinted with permission from LewRockwell.com. The following statement of support for Donald Trump is intended to counteract the dishonest presentation of this promising presidential candidate by much of the national media. Those who have … Continue reading

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